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About this site

AKINAKANOは、カナダ、バンクーバー近郊に住むAki Nakanoのポートフォリオサイトです。


AKINAKANO is a portfolio site of Aki Nakano who lives in an area of Greater Vancouver, BC Canada.
This is a third version of akinakano site. Nothing but design had been changed since last time. This site is best viewed as always with Firefox.

To conform to Web Standard, I am using XHTML & CSS. The advantage of using this is I can divide documentation part structually in XHTML and presentation and layout part in CSS. ( Except simple table-based layout only for form and tablar data. ) This can let page sizes reduced, the data of the documentation can be reused and restylized for different media such as print/screen and the site can be viewable in any browser. Thus, this can provide increased accessibility to the site.